1. Introduction 

1.1 General Introduction about Policy  

Safe usage entails a set of guidelines and rules that determine how  websites/applications should be used securely and correctly. A safe usage policy  includes a set of rules that users must adhere to, such as using strong passwords or  running antivirus software. Users are required to comply with these rules and maintain  security and protection. 

1.2 Objective of Policy  

The objective of this policy is to establish standards for safe usage and provide  guidance to end users on safe usage practices to ensure a robust, reliable, and secure  environment that mitigates risks to organizational information. It entails compliance  with cybersecurity requirements, as well as relevant legislative and regulatory  requirements. 

1.3 Glossary



1.4 Policy Scope and Implementation  

This policy applies to all information retained by ECZA, whether in an electronic  or physical form, including, but not limited to: 

  • All transmitted data and information. 
  • Internal and external communications. 
  • ECZA's websites and applications. 

This policy also applies throughout the lifecycle of all data and information, from  creation and storage to usage and disposal. The scope and applicability of this policy  include all employees, contractors, experts, advisors, external entities, and individuals  with authorized access to ECZA's stored and processed information. 

2. Policy Statements  

2.1 Personal Information Protection  

2.1.1 The Privacy Policy has been developed to assist visitors and users in  understanding the nature of the data collected from them when visiting the  website and how it is handled. 

2.1.2 The administration, overseeing technical and administrative tasks related to the  website, takes appropriate measures to safeguard the personal information it  possesses, ensuring protection against loss, unauthorized access, misuse,  alteration, and disclosure to unauthorized parties. The important measures  implemented by ECZA to protect visitor's personal information are as follows: 

  • Effective procedures and measures to protect the security of information and  prevent unauthorized modification and access. 
  • Technologies and software used to prevent fraudulent activities . 
  • Prevention of unauthorized access to systems. 
  • Regular and periodic updating of protection procedures and controls that meet or exceed standard measures . 
  • Respecting the confidentiality of visitors' personal information.

2.2 Personal Information Collocation  

2.2.1 When a user visits ECZA's websites, the organization's server records the  user's Internet Protocol (IP) address, the date and time of the visit, and the URL  of any website that has referred the user to the organization's website. 

2.2.2 The use of identification cookies on ECZA's websites and affiliated applications  should be implemented and processed or transferred accurately and securely,  in accordance with operational requirements. 

2.3 Use of Web Applications 

Using web applications is part of the safe use policy for ECZA's websites and  affiliated applications. It includes disclaimers that provide clear and specific details  regarding the obligations and responsibilities associated with these websites and  applications, as well as identifying potential risks for the end user. These disclaimers  also contain specific terms or restrictions for usage that the end user must comply  with, and outline the legal liability of the user when using these websites and  applications. The disclaimer included in all websites and applications affiliated with  ECZA is as follows: 

2.3.1 Acceptable Use of ECZA’s Websites and Applications 

  • The websites and applications affiliated with ECZA are available for business  use. By entering the portal, the user acknowledges their agreement to the  terms and conditions of use, which must be complied with whether or not  registration has occurred. This agreement takes an effect from the date of the  first use of the portal. 
  • The use of the portal includes several terms and conditions that are subject to  constant updates and changes as needed. Any modification or update to any  of these terms and conditions becomes effective immediately upon approval  by the cybersecurity department. This requires the end user to continuously  review the terms of use and disclaimer principles to be aware of any updates.  Continuing to use the portal implies full acceptance of any modifications made  to the terms and conditions. Please, note that these terms and conditions  include intellectual property rights, and the portal administration is not  obligated to announce any updates made on these terms and conditions.

2.3.2 Use Restrictions 

By using the portal, the end user acknowledges refraining from the following: 

  • Providing or uploading files that contain software, materials, data, or other  information that they do not own or do not have a license for . 
  • Using the portal in any way to send any commercial or unwanted emails or  engage in any abusive use of the portal . 
  • Providing or uploading files on the portal that contain viruses or corrupted data . 
  • Publishing, advertising, distributing, or disseminating materials or information  that defame or violate regulations, contain pornographic or obscene content,  contradict Islamic instructions or public morals, or any illegal materials or  information through the portal . 
  • Engaging through the portal in unlawful or illegal activities in the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia . 
  • Advertising on the portal any product or service that puts ECZA in violation of  any law or system applied in any field . 
  • Using any means, software, or procedure to intercept or attempt to intercept  the proper operation of the portal . 
  • Taking any action that imposes an unreasonable, excessive, or inappropriate  burden on the infrastructure of the portal. 

2.3.3 Use links to ECZA’s websites and applications 

  • Except as stated below, transferring or copying any content from the portal,  creating any links to it, or displaying any of its contents within a frame is  prohibited. 
  • Links to websites affiliated with ECZA can be placed on other websites as long  as their objectives and general direction do not conflict with the objectives,  policies, and frameworks of these websites. 
  • ECZA does not consider itself in any way associated or connected with any  form of trademarks, logos, service marks, or any other means used or  appearing on the websites linked to the portal or any of its contents.
  • ECZA reserves the full rights to suspend and impede any link from any website  containing inappropriate, offensive, excessive, obscene, pornographic,  indecent, unacceptable, or unlawful content, or names, materials, or  information that violate any law or infringe upon intellectual property rights,  privacy rights, or publicity rights. 
  • ECZA reserves the right to disable any unauthorized link and assumes no  responsibility for the content available on any other website accessed through  the portal or accessed from the portal. 

2.3.4 Links from ECZA’s Websites and Applications 

  • Contact links to other portals, websites, and/or applications are provided for  the convenience of the end user. ECZA is not responsible for the content or  credibility of the portals and/or websites associated with them, nor does it  endorse their content. Therefore, the use of any of these links to access those  websites or portals is done entirely at your own responsibility . 
  • Broken electronic links that do not work are replaced with other websites.  Since ECZA does not have control over those links, it does not guarantee that  these links will work permanently under any circumstances. 

2.3.5 Virus Protection 

ECZA makes every effort to examine and test the contents of the portal at all  stages. It is recommended to have antivirus software running continuously on all  materials downloaded from the internet. ECZA is not responsible for any loss, 

interruption, or damage to your data or computer device that may occur while  accessing this portal or using any material obtained from this portal. 

2.3.6 Waiver of Claims 

  • The websites, applications, services, information, and materials available on  ECZA's affiliated portals, as well as those accessible through the portal, are  provided "as is" and "as available" without any endorsement, promises, or  warranties of any kind. 
  • ECZA does not guarantee or assume responsibility for any interruptions,  errors, or omissions that may arise from the use of this portal or its contents,  or any linked websites, whether known to us or not.
  • Any communications or information sent by the user through this portal will not  be considered owned or confidential, and any use or interactive features of this  portal do not guarantee or intend to guarantee any rights, licenses, or  privileges to the user. 
  • The waiver by ECZA of any rights specified in these terms in one instance or  occasion does not constitute an automatic and permanent waiver of any rights  in other instances or occasions. 

2.3.7 Liability Limitation 

It should be noted and acknowledged that communications over the Internet  may be subject to interception or interference by third parties. Therefore, the use of  this portal remains solely at the user's responsibility, and ECZA is not in any way liable  for any loss or damage of any kind that the user may incur as a result of their use or  visiting the portal, or their reliance on any statement, opinion, or advertisement in the  portal, or any delays in operation, connectivity issues, internet access problems,  equipment or software malfunctions, or the actions or ideas of any individual accessing  the portal. By using the portal, the user acknowledges and agrees that their sole and  exclusive remedy for any harm or loss resulting from their access or use of the portal  is to refrain from using or accessing it. 

2.3.8 Compensation 

By using the portal, the user acknowledges and agrees not to take any action  against ECZA for any form of compensation. Furthermore, ECZA is not responsible  for any claims arising from any breach by the user of the terms of use or any applicable  laws, whether in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the jurisdiction in which the user  resides. 

2.3.9 Use Termination  

ECZA reserves the absolute right to terminate, restrict, or suspend the user's  right to access and use the portal without a prior notice and for any reason, including  a violation of the terms of use or any other behavior that ECZA deems, in its sole  discretion, to be unlawful or harmful to others. In the event of termination, you will not  be authorized to access this portal. 

2.3.10 Ownership Rights

Any modification of the contents of the portal is strictly prohibited. Additionally,  the graphics and images on this portal are protected by copyright, and reproduction or  exploitation of them in any way is not permitted without prior written consent from  ECZA. 

2.3.11 Judicial Reference 

The user agrees to submit exclusively to the jurisdiction of the judicial  authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia concerning all claims and disputes arising  from their use of this portal.