Message from Nabil Khojah, Secretary General

“SEZs are the catalyst to transform Saudi Arabia’s economy and stimulate the growth of the private sector. They have been proven to be one of the most effective tools for investment attraction and will raise the Kingdom’s standing as an international business destination. At ECZA we are building the next global center of excellence, in partnership with key government stakeholders, to generate the maximum impact for the benefit the generations to come.

In line with Saudi Arabia’s visionary transformation program, by the year 2030 Saudi Arabia will host several special economic zones, each tailored to have the greatest possible impact. This will create local jobs, nurture local talent while simultaneously attracting the best minds from around the world. SEZs in Saudi Arabia will create a thriving private sector, increase contributions to the national economy and boost key target sectors. ECZA is creating the best possible conditions for SEZs to flourish in the Kingdom.”

Nabil Khojah

Secretary General