A Special Economic Zone is a geographically delimited area that facilitates specific economic activities by providing competitive advantages and legislative frameworks that differ from the base economy, while complying with the Kingdom’s obligations under international treaties

A Special Economic Zone enjoys distinct advantages compared to other regions in the main economy. Depending on the zone and its target sectors, a set of fiscal and regulatory incentives and administrative services will be provided.

Each Special Economic Zone will have specific incentives and needs to enable it to achieve its strategic objectives.

  1. ECZA develops the overall strategy for Special Economic Zones in Saudi Arabia, while the Relevant Entity develops the strategy of its zone and ensures its alignment with ECZA’s strategy.
  2. ECZA studies the incentives and defines the fees before submitting the proposal for approval.
  3. ECZA studies the distribution of Special Economic Zones at the level of the Kingdom, while the Relevant Entity designs the blueprint of its Special Economic Zone.
  4. The Relevant Entity develops and operates the Special Economic Zone.
  5. The day-to-day performance of the Special Economic Zone is managed and monitored by the Relevant Entity, while ECZA monitors the strategic performance of the Special Economic Zone (e.g., job creation, FDI, exports).

Yes, ECZA offers an integrated administrative service center to support the Relevant Entity of the Special Economic Zones.

There are no restrictions or requirements on the size of Special Economic Zones.

Yes, government entities and private entities alike can apply for approval to establish a Special Economic Zone.

The list of incentives is related to the needs and requirements of each Special Economic Zone and is studied by ECZA and approved by the Council of Ministers on a case-by-case basis.

Investors will be supervised by the Relevant Entity of each zone.

Yes, there are fees for establishing Special Economic Zones.

The sectors within each Special Economic Zone need to be aligned with Vision 2030 and the relevant national strategies of Special Economic Zones in the Kingdom. 


Yes, foreign investors can establish projects in Special Economic Zones.

The value and duration of incentives and exemptions are specific for each Special Economic Zone and are cascaded to investors within the zone.